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The Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. is a non-partisan, non-political, non-sectarian organization. We do not support any political candidate nor do we endorse any religious organization. The military represents all aspects of America as does our organization. Links to our website do not represent an endorsement. We are a 501(c)3 Organization. 


We are mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, foster mothers and female legal guardians who have children serving in the military, guard or reserves, or children who are veterans. We support each other and our children while promoting patriotism. Our organization focuses on our mission every single day and will never, ever, forsake our troops, our veterans or the families of our Fallen Heroes.

We have nearly 6,000 members from over 200 Chapters throughout the nation. 


The Service flag is an official banner authorized by the Department of Defense for display by families who have members serving in the Armed Forces during any period of war or hostilities the United States may be engaged in for the duration of such hostilities.

The Service flag, also called the Blue Star Flag, was designed and patented by WWI Army Captain Robert L. Queisser of the 5th Ohio Infantry who had two sons serving on the front line. The flag quickly became the unofficial symbol of a child in service. President Wilson became part of this history when in 1918 he approved a suggestion made by the Women's Committee of the Council of National Defenses that mothers who had lost a child serving in the war wear a gold gilt star on the traditional black mourning arm band. This led to the tradition of covering the blue star with a gold star on the Service flag to indicate that the service member has died.

During WWII the practice of displaying the Service flag became much more widespread. Most flags were hand made by mothers across the nation. One of the most famous flags was that of the five Sullivan brothers who all perished on the U.S.S. Juneau.



Want to join our efforts but not sure where to start? Make a Donation  to lend your support. It’s a great way to support your local active military and verterans right in here Central Massahusetts. Every little bit counts! Please click the contact button below.


This is one of the simplest ways to help out our cause. We believe the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for the community to actively get involved. This is an easy and efficient way of contributing to the great work we do at Welcome to the Blue Star Mothers Central Mass Ch. 3 Website. Get in touch with any questions about how you can Volunteer Your Time today.

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2023-2024 Officers

President, Karen Belliveau

Vice President, Karen Dolan

Treasurer, Sheila Burque

Secretary, Tina Giamei Sunden

Financial Secretary, Lissa Haynes

For Membership please visit the National Blue Star Mothers Website (link below)


BSM of Central Mass Ch. 3 is here to support new or seasoned military moms.  As a group, we actively support each other, our military families, veterans and organizations who hold our same values.


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One Step at a Time

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Service to our Community and our Veterans

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Let Your Service Member Know You're Thinking of Them


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